Rudd Foundation Commits $1.1 Million in College Scholarships

Wichita, KS. June 25, 2018 – The Rudd Foundation recognized 20 Kansas high school seniors at its annual dinner as members of the first cohort of Rudd Scholarship winners. The four-year financial commitment to support this cohort of Rudd Scholars is estimated at $1.1 million. "We couldn't be more pleased with the exceptionally high-caliber, well-rounded students that were chosen for this year's Rudd Scholarship," said Peter Najera, President of the Rudd Foundation. 

Rudd Foundation Announces 20 Scholarship Winners in Kansas

Wichita, KS. May 1, 2018 – The Rudd Foundation announced 20 winners from across the state who will comprise the first-ever cohort of Rudd Scholars (full list attached). “It was an extremely competitive candidate pool which speaks to the quality of high school students we are cultivating here in Kansas," said Peter Najera, President of the Rudd Foundation. "Our winners not only achieved academic excellence in the classroom, but they are already demonstrating the drive and potential to be productive members of society after graduation."

Hays Daily News: FHSU Announces College Scholarship Opportuity for Kansas Students

FHSU President Tisa Mason — a first-generation college graduate — said that mission is congruent with the goals of Fort Hays as an institution. “I know that recruiting first-generation students in particular is important to Kansas and certainly, as you all know, that is very parallel to my journey as a first-generation student,” she said Friday. “It sends a very important message of the importance of an advanced education, which without a doubt is a life-changer and a transformative experience for everyone who’s been able to go to college.”

FHSU News: Fort Hays State University Selected as Participant in Rudd Foundation Scholarship Program

“The cost of higher education can be especially challenging for first-generation students,” said Dr. Tisa Mason, FHSU president, who was the first in her family to get a college education. “That makes gifts such as this one from the Rudd Foundation especially valuable, not only for the direct benefit to the students who will receive them, but for the message it sends about the importance of advanced education to create innovative leaders in business, education and citizenship,” she said.

KVOE: ESU Announces New Scholarship Program

The Rudd Foundation has created a new scholarship for incoming college freshman. Wednesday morning Rudd Foundation representatives and ESU staff members held a special presentation for the Rudd Scholarship.  The scholarship aims to assist first generation underrepresented college students during their education at either ESU, Wichita State or Fort Hayes State.